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New Viddy API v0.1 Alpha Release!

Hello there future Viddy developers,

We're pleased to announce the Alpha release of the public Viddy API, allowing you to utilize the Viddy platform to bring your Life's Moments to the web.

The Future

The vision driving the Viddy Api is to enable you to utilize the Viddy platform to not only read public data but in the future to take full control of your information and features. As this is an Alpha Release, please be aware that new features will be added rapidly and specifications will change.

Details details...

The initial API release is focused on public data, allowing you to retrieve public Viddy feeds. For example, if you wanted to retrieve the latest Muppets Viddy list, you can use the media/channel method by sending the following HTTP request:


This returns an XML response of the latest Viddies featuring the Muppets. JSON is also supported, please refer to the documentation at for more details.


To keep up with the latest specifications, please refer to our documentation at:


We'd love to hear from you during our Alpha and future releases. Please join us at the forums with your feedback, suggestions and bugs!

Back to work

This is just the start, experiment and let us know what you think. Now its time for me to head back to building and enabling the those features.


Dusten Salinas

SVP of Engineering


  1. Ilyas Hassani3 years ago

    Hi ,

    i did Created an Application But i cannot see the API key , Please Help ASAP

  2. pal2 years ago

    me too.

  3. sid2 years ago

    same problem here.......................

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